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Updated: May 1

Bringing Data Warehousing Automation to PostgreSQL.

At Analyzer 1, we are dedicated to creating frameworks that drive analytic success. Our framework has evolved, leading to the development of automations for building data warehouses. With the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs), we are transitioning these automations from semi-autonomous processes to fully automated systems. This significant shift requires rethinking both where this process exists and how we leverage LLMs. Today, we are excited to announce that we are collaborating with the innovative startup Tembo, to develop the open-source extension PG_AUTO_DW for PostgreSQL!


Tembo is an unlocked data cloud, offering PostgreSQL as a service. Unhindered by vendor lock-in and database sprawl, Tembo makes it easy to manage your Postgres centric data platform. They are dedicated to permissive open source development, meaning it's free to use, modify, and distribute!

Why Postgres for Data Warehouse Automations?

At Analyzer 1 we do not believe that automating the creation of data warehousing structures should be offloaded and partitioned at the analytic edge. Classically, operational data is offloaded at interval to be processed by a dedicated data team. This approach has several disadvantages. Firstly, it makes operational analytics an afterthought or at least an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Secondly, it creates a very broad data sprawl which directly conflicts with the paradigm of a unified data model.

PostgreSQL stands as the world's most popular, comprehensive, and extensible open-source database, with its growing trend reinforcing its future-proof status.

Join Us on This Journey!

We are just getting started! The development process is transparent and open for everyone to see on GitHub. We invite developers, data scientists, and technology enthusiasts to join us in this exciting venture. Your insights and contributions are invaluable as we push the boundaries of what is possible.

Stay tuned for upcoming product demos and development blogs related to building PostgreSQL extensions. We’re excited to share these developments with you and encourage your participation in shaping our tools and solutions.


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