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Delivering the
Agile Data Cloud

Analytical solutions that are Agile by design. 

Traditional data frameworks impede agility. We solve that.

Longer development cycles due to growing dependencies, high development costs associated with re-architecture, and the inability to develop in parallel. We develop solutions to solve these pain-points that are common to traditional frameworks. 

Agile Analytical Architectures

Bleeding-edge design patterns. Flexible, reusable data models. Rapid ingestion and integration of new data.

Use-Case Agnostic 

From AI to BI, support any type of analytical use-case.

Custom Solutions

Designed to meet you where you are, and accelerate your growth towards ultimate agility.

Flexible Contracts

We believe in our product and our ability to help our partners achieve rapid value discovery and delivery.

Our Partners


Are you ready to unlock your data agility?

We are a team of data professionals who have delivered data agility for a multitude of clients across a wide range of industries and business sizes. 


We have enabled mature multi-billion dollar companies with massive, global footprints as well as high-paced startups to rapidly generate value leveraging their existing raw data and environments.


Our solutions are the culmination of years of successful implementations. They have been developed iteratively and continuously updated to incorporate the bleeding edge of agile data warehousing advancements.

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